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Name: Jeanette Rodriguez
Address: 12511 hwy 290 east
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Date: October 20, 2013

Comments: I was hit by one of your clients, Mr. Belvine Fletcher, policy #0360366760918 licence plate bbw693. I was driving on my lane when mr fletcher tried to pass me up and jumped on curve and swiped my vehicle. one of your ajusters took a look at my car the damages were 981.43 they quoted but they said depending on other damages there be more so they said dennise garret would call me to see if allstate was going to be responsibble for damages this was 10/11/2013 on friday so i waited allday monday nothing so i called her to leave a message to see if she found out anything she never called then i called her on tuesday  the 15  no responce at all i called at least twice nothing then i called on 16 nothing again iam at work at 5;30 AM I WAITED AGAIN to call her back when i got off work and still no answer so finally i called to ask to speak to someone who can answer my questions so she apoligised to me and said i have ms garret on line so finally i was able to speak to ms dennise garret  she told me hi mrs rodriguez and put me on hold no apoliges at all then came back on line and said ok mrs rodriguez allstate is going to pay for all damages to my car and i said oh good so i ask her when could i take it she told me try to take it on monday which would be the 21 of oct then she said  for me to go to body shop to set appt  so i said ok i took it on oct 18 set appt up then around 225 pm i get call from caliber collision from ms monica castillo phone #5128363970 to tell me allstate is not paying for my  car and i said its got to be a mistake and told her to call dennise garret phone # 972 8716317 so she did well not even 20 min mrs garret calles me to tell me mrs rodriguez i have made a mistake allstate will not cover my car i told her why would she tell me to take my car never respond to no calls till i speak to someone else to get through her then say it was a mistake i took my car in body shop i was so angery i called body shop to apoliges for any problems and ms monica castillo said she was shock what mis garret said that she mad a mistake and said she couldnt belteve allstate would make a mistake like that i even talk to dian roll phone # 972 871 6626 the manager she said it was a human mistake  i hope some thing is done about this iam also  filing this with betterbusiness buer thank you  mrs rodriguez

Name: Deborah Latour
Address: 12820 e kansas place A205
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Date: October 14, 2013

Comments: The complaint I have now as well as at the time of the claim I filed with Allstate is that ...after the fire we got back a bunch of junk trash and broken glass and wet books and pictures..the clothes we got back were all out of shape..the adjustor that was responsible for all our belongings we feel as though he didnt care concerned with making sure he didnt pay out too much money to a claim that I pay for monthly, its not money out of his pocket..the only time I would here from my agent is when I would call never made sure that my family was okay, they just wanted me to deal with what ever they wanted me concern about my standards , they try to give me back a smoked out mattress, a weltted table that was water all the things that they gave back to us, was no good and they sure didnt pay us for any of those things..I have had to trow out everything and we still have not been able to get back any of what we lost in that fire...thanks a lot ALLSTATE.