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Lawsuit Page

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This Allstate Lawsuits page will hopefully show a pattern of unlawful activity by Allstate Insurance Company.  Look for cases similar to yours.  Show these cases to your attorney or join in a Class Action Lawsuit against Allstate Insurance Company

If you have a lawsuit against Allstate Insurance Company and you want it posted here, please give us a link to your suit or a file that we can post.


Allstate pays its policyholder $250,000 for "EMOTIONAL DISTRESS" plus consequential damages (even though the policy excluded consequential damages), plus legal fees & costs and finally for her stolen car.   The case included the judge's finding of "bad faith".

Editors Note:  This landmark case shows the way Allstate abuses its policyholders.  Tell your attorney to review this case.

The Supreme Court of Virginia denied Allstate's petition for appeal in the Farrow v. Allstate case, finding no reversible error.

Ms. Farrow had Allstate insurance for her car, which was stolen in front of independent witnesses.>  Five months later the car was located and the thief imprisoned.  Allstate never paid the claim, preferring instead to investigate her for fraud, even after the car was recovered in a drug bust. It claimed that she failed to cooperate because she would not correct and sign her two examinations under oath.

Ms. Farrow won a jury verdict for $57,000 (full value of the car) on her breach of contract claim, $50,000 for intentional infliction of emotional distress, $250,000 punitive damages, and attorney’s fees for Allstate's bad faith failure to settle.

Plaintiff's attorneys were Christopher Malone and Kimberly Taylor.  Allstate's counsel was Lewis Kincer.

  Kimberly A. Taylor                    Phone:  (804) 698-6206
Thompson & McMullan, P.C.           Fax     (804) 780-1813
      Richmond, Virginia  23219            E-mail:

Complaint           Judgment          Supreme Court Appeal

There was an article about this case published in the "Virginia Lawyers Weekly", on February 26,2001. They refused to let this web site publish their story because of our name, but they did a fantastic job covering this case.


Allstate Insurance Class Action

If your vehicle was repaired under your Allstate auto policy, but you were not paid for loss in your car’s value resulting from the accident, this class action may affect your rights.


This lawsuit shows evidence of Allstate systematically and unjustifiably denying claims filed by its insured's.

Complaint                  Exhibit 1

Exhibit #1 outlines in detail how Allstate includes inaccurate and false information in reports in order that ALLSTATE would have a basis upon which to deny otherwise acceptable claims made by its Insureds.

Allstate Insurance Company had this Lawsuit and the settlement sealed.  They seal cases like this to systematically  hide the fraud they commit on its policyholders and other claimants.


A class action Lawsuit has been filed in Florida against Allstate, accusing Allstate of improperly using its Allstate Indemnity company to charge higher premiums to drivers in Florida who in fact qualified for preferred policies issued by Allstate. The lawsuit alleges that Allstate misused its own underwriting guidelines to misclassify drivers based on accidents, traffic tickets and credit reports. The suit also alleges that Allstate attempted to ignore requirements that accidents could only be charged against a driver if the driver was substantially at fault in the accident.

Anyone seeking further information concerning the lawsuit can contact Al Scudieri at the James Hoyer law firm, 1-800-634-0877, or by e-mail,


If anyone has experienced a problem getting paid under Allstate's Parts and Labor Plus program, which is its mechanical breakdown insurance program, please contact me as I am representing some insureds in bad faith litigation over Allstate's handling of their claim.

Steve Ryan
Attorney at Law

Editors Note:  If you've been victimized by Allstate with their "Parts and Labor Plus" program and think your claim is too small to hire an attorney "THINK AGAIN",  View this recent "Bad Faith lawsuit" by Mr. Ryan, then e-mail him.


Allstate "acted with oppression, fraud, or malice."  96 year old man awarded $18,500,000 in punitive damages.  This judgment came after four years of Allstate denying a simple water damage claim.  The jury wanted to send a message to Allstate to stop being malicious.  See Sacramento Bee. article.

Congratulations to the law firm of  "Shepard and HavenWell Done!!


Allstate faces lawsuits over claims payment policies



We can make the worm turn!!!

Future Feature

Future Feature


Another Allstate Victim

Favorite Quote:  "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country...  Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."   - Abraham Lincoln -  Nov 21, 1864

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